Deane B. - Club Member

"I am a Trendsetter because I like the fact each hour I donate I have a chance of saving a life.  I really like the babies at risk project.  I think over the past few months I've become a better person.  Trendsetters helps me think and care about other people besides myself.  That is why I'm a Trendsetter."


LeRoy E. - Club Facilitator

"This big title of "Facilitator" doesn't describe very well what I do with the program, as the student members do all the work.  I serve more as a sideline coach, sitting back and watching in awe while our student members work together to positively contribute to the school and the community around them. 

It has been an amazing privilege to watch what students can accomplish when they are given a little decision-making power to contribute to the community.  Every Monday I watch as 35 students work cooperatively in open meetings to identify and solve problems.  They brainstorm, for instance, on what they can do to create a safe environment.  When consensus is reached they work for it, and make a real difference. 

Trendsetters aids students to recognize and develop personal skills that will be useful to them in every facet of the road of life ahead of them.  Also, respect yourself and others is stressed.  The students begin to feel connected to the school community.  They also realize they can be in the driver's seat, empowered to take control and show what they are made of.  It is a treasure to see these students begin to realize that their possibilities are endless.

I would like to now thank you all for your generous contributions through tax donations that you have made to our school.  With your dollars, children are provided with the opportunity to serve their school and community, but also provided the chance to be seen as positive members in the ever-changing society that we live in."


Johnna R. - Parent

"I am writing in regards to the Trendsetters program.  My sons, ages 12 and 13, have been involved with this incredible program for the past two years.  It has given my boys the opportunity to be involved in so many positive experiences within the community that without this program they may not have had.  I hope that this program will continue throughout all schools and that all children could have this great opportunity to learn, experience, and help guide them to be a more helpful and caring individual with a positive outlook for their future.  There are so many huge enterprises like companies and organizations that don't take the time or give support with their millions of dollars.  Then, there are smaller enterprises like Trendsetters who deserve the funding, who take the time and effort and dedicate themselves to our youth.  These are the real heroes in our lives.  They deserve all the support we can offer.  They are the ones who make a difference!"

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Trendsetters provides curriculum and consulting to caring adults who work with youth (K-12) in school settings, youth development programs and faith communities - or, anywhere where caring adults and youth come together!

​Trendsetters also includes on campus after-school clubs for elementary school children in the Metro Phoenix area where principals, teachers and the community members come together to create transformational experiences for youth such as leadership, service learning and civic engagement.  Club members run for office, keep journals of their discoveries and lead projects on their campus and within their community.  One club even built wells in India - youth can do amazing things when given the opportunity!

​Consistent with the Search Institute research on developmental assets, positive experiences such as those experienced by Trendsetters lead to positive self-identity, integrity and success behaviors.

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