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Our Spotlight Club Sites include Mendoza Elementary and Fountain Hills Charter Montessori in Arizona.

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About trendsetters through education 


​​ The idea for Trendsetters came about in 1993 when two 4th grade students at Eisenhower Elementary School witnessed a drive-by shooting in their neighborhood.  Unable to rally much adult help, students began searching for ways to solve this and other problems affecting their community.  Trendsetters was developed to offer an ongoing relationship with caring adults, true service learning experiences and character building in a positive environment.

Research has shown that students thrive when they feel connected to their schools and community.  Youth also demonstrate limitless enthusiasm when they are given meaningful roles in problem solving and service.

Positive youth development requires a community wide effort.  You can join with teachers, community members and youth for Trendsetting results!

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The Trendsetters concept is based on the scientific findings of the Search Institute of Minneapolis. Based on studies surveying more than one million youth, the Search Institute has identified 40 "developmental assets" to help youth succeed. The more assets a youth possesses, the more likely he or she is to "make wise decisions, choose a positive path, and grow up to be a competent, caring and responsible adult." (The Asset Approach, Giving Kids What they Need to Succeed, 1997) Trendsetters also incorporates the America's Promise to Youth philosophy that challenges all levels of the community - individuals, organizations, faith communities, business and governments - to come together to create resources.___

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